NOVEMBER 2, 2018

Dear Fellows of the International College of Surgeons

On behalf and direction of ICS World President Professor Georgia's Sulfa's, we announce the election results of the Board of Governors meeting on November 2, 2018, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 
Note that, in accord with the International Constitution and Bylaws, Professor Paul Tahalele, Dr. Patrick Chen, Dr. Jesus Sison, and Dr. Ulises Rodriguez-Wong were elected to four year terms, as Additional Members of the International Executive Council in 2016, and therefore will continue as members of the International Executive Council for the 2019-2020 term. These names are therefore not shown as part of the election results.

International Executive Council For Term 2019-2020

World President                     Prof. Georgios Tsoulfas             Greece

World President Elect            Prof. Aij-Lie Kwan                      Taiwan

World 1st Vice President       Dr. Easaw Thomas                     Singapore

World Corporate Secretary    Dr. Clement Chan                      Hong Kong

World Treasurer                     Dr. Guido Parquet                      Paraguay

(6) Six Federation Secretaries

Africa                                   Prof. Alexander Nwofor                  Nigeria

Asia                                     Dr. U. S. Dhaliwal                            India

Europe                                Prof. Karel Novak                            Czech Republic

Latin America                      Dr. Nelson Mitsui                             Paraguay

North America                     Dr. Michael Jacobs                          USA

Pacific                                 Dr. Elias Tam                                 Singapore  

Three (3) Additional Members to Executive Council (2019-2022)                                          

                                            Dr. Juan Barron-Blanco                 Mexico

                                            Dr. Eddie Chang                              Singapore
                                            Dr. Choo-Aun Neoh                        Taiwan

16 Vice Presidents                                                    

  1. Dr. Ernesto Acosta                                 Philippines
  2. Prof. Antonio Alarco                              Spain            
  3. Dr. Chun-Hsiug Huang                          Taiwan                             
  4. Dr. Abel Jalife-Montano                        Mexico
  5. Prof. Hari Kapila                                       Australia
  6. Dr. Pierre Lam                                          Hong-Kong
  7. Dr. Timothy Lee                                      Singapore
  8. Dr. Peter Lim                                          Singapore
  9. Dr. Chi-Lung Lin                                    Taiwa
  10. Prof. Koutarou Maeda                           Japan
  11. Dr. Arturo Orellana                                 Peru
  12. Dr. Thavichaigarn Parinya                   Thailand
  13. Dr. Horacio Ruiz                                      Peru
  14. Dr. Nikolaos Saratzis                             Greece    
  15. Dr. Rojananin Supakorn                       Thailand
  16. Dr. German Terrazas                             Bolivia

30 Additional Governors   

  1.  Dr. Raad AlMehdi                  Oman 
  2. Dr. Antonio Cabigas             Philippines
  3. Dr. Chin-Kuo Chen                  Taiwan
  4. Dr. Sze Hua Chen                 Singapore
  5. Dr. Heng Chin Chiam             Australia
  6. Dr. Siu Yeung Chun                 Hong-Kong
  7. Dr. Victor Fan                         Singapore
  8. Dr. Yifei Feng                         China
  9. Dr. Javier H. Figueroa B.         Mexico
  10. Dr. Jiri Fronek                         Czech Republic
  11. Dr. San San Gan                     Singapore
  12. Dr. Jorge Garcia Tay             Mexico
  13. Dr. Hoi Chi Hii                         Singapore
  14. Dr. Art Hiranyakas                 Thailand
  15. Dr. Tsann-Long Hwang         Taiwan
  16. Dr. David Jen                         Singapore
  17. Dr. B. Chi-Hang Leung         Hong-Kong
  18. Dr. Ernest Lim                         Singapore
  19. Dr. Min Yu Lim                         Singapore
  20. Dr. Cu Tai Lu                             Australia
  21. Dr. Chrispen Mushaya          Australia
  22. Dr. Leela Nair                         Singapore
  23. Dr. Gloria Pimentel C.             Mexico
  24. Dr. Francisco Suarez A.         Argentina
  25. Dr. Cheuk-Kwan Sun             Taiwan
  26. Dr. Anjula Thomas                 Singapore
  27. Dr. Gil Vicente                         Philippines
  28. Dr. Vishal Kumar                     Malaysia
  29. Dr. Nopadol Wora-Urai         Thailand
  30. Prof. Masakazu Yamamoto Japan
 Four (4) Representatives at Large
Appointed by International Executive Council at its 2nd Session following the meeting of the International Board of Governors

                        Dr. Demetrius Litwin             USA

                        Dr. Teresita O. Ortin             Philippines
                        Dr. Fidel Ruiz-Healy             Mexico
                        Prof. Hisakazu Yamagishi     Japan


Max Downham



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